Curriculum vitae

born 1974

Croatian Artist and Designer, lives and works in Dortmund, Germany

1990 Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, focus on graphic/painting with prof. Salim Obralic

1992 Interruption of the studys because of the Balcan war - Escape to Germany

1995 University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld
focus Visual Communication / Painting

1999 Diploma by Prof. Jochen Geilen

2001/02 study tour in Croatia

2002/04 Bielefeld University - scientific assistant,
Designer for the IWT, Bielefeld (Institute for Science and Technology
Studies )

From 1999 freelance designer/artist

Since 2004, the owner/founder of a design studio


Solo / Group exhibitions


2018 Artnet

2018 Artsy

2018 Art Acacia Gallery San Francisco

2018 Singulart Galerie, Frankreich

2017 Pikto Galerija, Zagreb, Croatia

2016 Artwista Gallery, Berlin

2016 Saatchi Gallery, UK

2016 Carlos Reid Gallery, FL

2015 February Depot, Dortmund

2014 March Group exhibition Westfalenhütte, Dortmund

2013 Sept. Group show 44|88 Kunstschauraum Showroom, Berlin

2013 Sept - 26 Studios Gallery, New York

2013 June/July - 26 Studios Gallery, New York

2013 June - Bushwick Open Studios, New York

2013 June - Group show 44|88 Kunstschauraum Showroom, Berlin

2013 April - Art Monaco

2013 March - International ArtExpo New York

2013 February - AAF - Art Fair Brussels

2013 Jan. Solo exhibition, Bürgerhaus Essen

2012 Solo exhibition "Lebensfaden" Berswordthalle, Dortmund

2011 Solo exhibition "Observation II" Blaues Haus, Dortmund

from 2011 Simunovic presented his works to the public

2002 Kunsthalle Bielefeld - Art Exhibition OWL

2001/02 "Creations" Art Fair Sinsheim Design / Art

2000 Solo exhibition "Zeichen Untertage" Galerie - FH Bielefeld
Solo exhibition "Zeichnen Untertage" Zeche Friedrich-Heinrich,

1999 Diploma exhibition, FH Bielefeld

Solo exhibition Mercator Halle, Duisburg

ZiF (Center for Interdisciplinary Research), Bielefeld

1998 Group exhibition, KHG, Bielefeld

1997 Solo Exhibition, Aldegrever Gesellschaft, Münster

1996 'Observations', St.Joseph Church Bielefeld "Sarajevo - a wounded city"
(UNESCO, traveling exhibition in 40 european cities and New York, USA)

1995 Group exhibition, Mercator Halle, Duisburg

1994 International Literature Cafe Bielefeld

1992 "Stop the war in Croatia" with Croatian artist Branimir Cilic, NRW

1991 Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo


Scholarships /prices

2001/02 Art Fair Sinsheim Design /Art Competition - 2nd price

1996/97 Artist Fellowship from the Aldegrever Gesellschaft, Münster

Artist grant from the Albertus Magnus Gesellschaft, Paderborn

Artist residency Kamp-Lintfort, "Zeichnen Untertage"


Private and public art collections

Hotels,companies, international private collectors

1999 ZiF art collection, Bielefeld

Aldegrever Gesellschaft

Schloß Solitude


Bernard Simunovic is a Croatian artist and designer. He studied Fine Arts in the Academy of Sarajevo. During the Balcan conflict in the early 1990s, Bernard had been sent by his mother away, left his family and hometown and escaped from the war as an unaccompanied minor refugee to Germany.

A new life with obstacles had begun, has overcome the struggles with a strong will to achieve his aim.
Later on he studied Visual Arts in Bielefeld. He held scholarships, e.g. the artist fellowship from the Aldegrever Gesellschaft, Münster.

Recurring motifs are women and animals with a silent communication between them. Animals as saviors as liberators, as elements of good and origin - the supposedly innocent merges with felt menacing.
Beauty linked Simunovic with transience, freedom with death, melancholy with irony and sarcasm .

The simple contour line as a graphical element is combined with classical painting and in this way, Bernard creates an extraordinary composition in each of his works. Through a "thread of life" this composition is held together.
His deep interest for architecture, mainly minimalism, and photography influenced his art practice.
In his latest art works Bernard shows intensely that he is an artist, but also a designer and a sculptor. There is no place for stereotypical thinking. He unites all these disciplines in his creative unique compositions.

His paintings are characterized by craftsmanship. They are primarily distinguished by their complex simplicity, but also telling stories. The viewer should be stimulated.